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Favorite Outdoor Products for a Spring Refresh

It's Spring Break for me, but I have not been taking a break! Lucky for you all because I finally have some time to dedicate to Styling the Streets. We have been so busy with the #BeeHouse. We aren't yet ready for regular #BeeHouse posts, but I plan to have an update on the blog for you soon. I want to keep this project close until we have some wonderful before and after photos. I'm active on Instagram pretty regularly so make sure you follow us there for more frequent updates and pictures!

We are having a first birthday party for our daughter at our home. One of my favorite things about our home is our outdoor area and pool. When we first bought this home, the landscape was overgrown and unmanaged. I always loved our house as a little girl growing up in this neighborhood. The yard was beautifully managed and the original owners took such loving care of the beautiful flowers and plants. I hope Austin and I can restore things to its former glory over time.

Due to the pandemic, we have not entertained in a long time. We are so excited to finally celebrate our special girl while following current safety guidelines of course! I have a long list of small projects to get our house 'party ready.' I've been sharing some of my outdoor refresh projects on Instagram and thought I would share some of our favorite outdoor products and tips.

I had never used a sander until this week to sand down some outdoor furniture that was ready to be stained. It was really fun! Austin built an outdoor couch set and coffee table for us last Spring as a quarantine project. It needed to dry out before it could be stained and I finally got around to this task this week. This sander helped me prep the furniture quickly and worked well. I have an outdoor swing to do next!

I stained the outdoor set that Austin made with this Cabot Semi-Solid Deck and Outdoor Stain and Sealer in Dark Grey. We used this product two years ago on a swing that Austin built and it has held up really well. The color has not faded much at all. It only took two coats to get the consistency that I wanted with the stain. We love that the Cabot stain has different levels of transparency and are using the solid stain on our deck that needs a lot of love and attention next.

For staining or painting outdoor furniture,

  • Allow time for any wooden furniture or treated lumber to dry out before staining or painting.

  • Sand and vacuum/wipe/brush off furniture before staining/painting.

  • Make sure you have the right brushes for the type of paint/stain you are using.

  • If oil based, have mineral spirits or paint thinner on hand! I forget every single time.

As newlyweds, we took any hand me downs as outdoor furniture for a large pool area adds up fast! My parents had a large dining table they purchased when I was in first grade that they gave us. A painter gave us a tip to use enamel paint on outdoor furniture for durability. We sprayed our large dining table 3 summers ago and have not had to touch it since. It stays outside uncovered during all seasons and has held up wonderfully. You'd never know it was so old!

For spray painting metal furniture,

  • Make sure to sand any metal outdoor furniture well with steel wool and/or sand paper before painting, especially if it's been repainted before.

  • Brush on enamel paint works well and we've used that before on outdoor gates that we have. But, we've found that this spray works just as well, saves time, and dries more quickly.

This week I gave a patio set from Target a much needed refresh! We've had it for four years and I have never had an outdoor item (rugs, pillows, lanterns, furniture) from Target that hasn't lasted a long time compared to other brands.

We love our cantilever umbrella that has solar powered lights. We love being outside anytime it is warm and you can often find us on our deck. Our deck is not covered and we quickly realized we needed shade for most of the day last Spring. Our small umbrella wasn't doing the job and we can easily move this to cover our entire deck. Make sure to not forget to purchase weights for the base as well.

4. Cushions and Pillows

Austin built the outdoor furniture to match a standard cushion size. We went with outdoor cushions and pillows from World Market. Although they are white, the covers zip off and can be washed. We store our cushions and pillows in outdoor deck boxes when we aren't using them. They are very comfortable and we have been pleased with all of our World Market outdoor purchases.


I'm on the hunt for good quality solar string lights and outdoor furniture covers. If you have any recommendations, send them my way in the comments below!

I hope that you find some of these products and tips helpful as you refresh your outdoor spaces for warmer weather and spending time with loved ones! What outdoor projects are you working on? Happy Spring!

- Meredith

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Sonja Hammett Smith
Sonja Hammett Smith
Apr 09, 2021

I love reading your blogs! The tips are very helpful. You really inspire me and many others. I am looking forward to reading the next one.

Meredith Street
Meredith Street
Apr 11, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much!


Apr 08, 2021

I love reading your refresh tips! I have a long to do list and this is so helpful! I bought these string lights last year and they have held up great.

Brightech Ambience Pro - Globe Solar LED Outdoor String Lights – Waterproof, 1W Retro Edison Filament Bulbs - 27 Ft Patio Lights Create Bistro Ambience in Your Yard, Pergola - Warm White

Meredith Street
Meredith Street
Apr 11, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much! I will check these out! :)

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